If you are starting an online business and looking for a perfect supplier, chances are you have considered sourcing in Asia, particularly, buying from China. The reason China is very popular for overseas sourcing, mostly for new entrepreneurs and small businesses, is because of the lower manufacturing cost, very competitive prices, and high number of suppliers to choose from. In this post, we will guide you in shopping from the most popular China online shopping platform for businesses –

What is

If you are looking for a supplier in China, you may have come across with is the leading platform for Global Wholesale Trade. Through its B2B trading platform, it connects millions of suppliers and buyers around the world. Small businesses can benefit from the vast network of High-Quality Global Suppliers trading in, listing various products at factory prices.

How do you order from Alibaba on your own?

1. To buy products on, search the products you are looking for on the search bar, type the specific product or any keyword associated with it.

AlibabaAfterwards, check out the details of the specific product you are buying.

What details to check out on product page?

Unit Price. First thing to check is the unit price. For the image above, a unit of this item ranges from $0.1-$3.5 per piece. This means that the product is being traded for as low as $0.1 to as high as $3.5 per piece, which varies depending upon the quantity of the item you are ordering. Thus, if you are buying online at MOQ, you will normally be charged at the maximum price.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). MOQ is the minimum number you can place for a specific product. In the example, the manufacturer accepts a minimum of 100 pieces per transaction.

Seller Support.  When sourcing with, you have a choice whether to place an order online or to directly contact the supplier yourself. Placing your order online can help you track your orders and refund your payment if a dispute arises. It’s safer to shop with sellers which support Trade Assurance, a “free service” by Alibaba dedicated to instill trust between buyers and suppliers. Buyers will have recourse in the event of quality-related issues or shipping delay.

Examples of what’s covered are:

  • You purchased 1,000 units but received 990 only
  • You purchased 100 units of a specific device but 30 pieces do not work properly
  • Your supplier agreed to offer CE certificate for your order, but failed to provide it
  • The supplier fails to ship the goods on time, according to contract details
  • The supplier ships the goods, but the delivery is later than the time specified in the contract
  • The supplier ships the goods, but the goods are seized by customs due to supplier error

Payment Options. You can see on the product page the different payment options which the seller supports.

2. After you have found what you are looking for, you can contact the supplier directly for your inquiry. There are three ways on how you can get in touch with them. 

Contact Supplier.  Click this button to send an inquiry to the supplier.

Chat Now. Click this button to chat with the supplier in real time using TradeManager.

Contact by Phone. Contact the supplier by phone using the number listed in the Contact Details section.

Here are few things to inquire when getting in touch with the supplier:

  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Pricing for Samples
  • Production Pricing
  • Production Time
  • Payment Terms

3. Meanwhile, you can also post a Buying Request to find supplier sourcing the product. Matched supplier(s) may send you quotation directly.

How can you safeguard yourself among scams and low quality products?

Check Supplier’s Profile. Alibaba supports a verification service which ensures sellers are legally registered companies. This  is accomplished by Alibaba and/or by independent verification companies. Be sure to visit suppliers profile information to check verification status, e.g. A&V Check, Onsite Check, Assessed Supplier.


A&V Check

A&V Checked suppliers are Gold Suppliers who have passed authentication and verification inspection. If supplier is A&V Checked, all legal business licenses and contact persons are verified.

Onsite Check

This is a verification process for China Gold Suppliers. The supplier’s company premises are checked by’s staff to ensure that onsite operations exist in the location. Meanwhile, the suppliers’ legal status and other related information are confirmed by a third-party verification agency.

Assessed Supplier

There is independent and impartial third-party verification of your prospective suppliers. This means Alibaba commissions several agencies based on their international reputation and proven credibility to test the claims made by suppliers. Assessed Supplier includes Assessment Reports, Verified Videos and Verified Main Products.

Gold Supplier

This means that the supplier has paid membership to host its store on Alibaba. Gold suppliers are also verified suppliers, and you can easily distinguish them among others with their Alibaba Gold Badge on their profile. The number in the badge represents the number of years the supplier has been operating on Alibaba.

Request Product Samples. If you have doubts about the quality of the product, it is best if you could contact the seller and ask if they can send you a product sample. It may cost you some money but it’s less risky than buying outright.

Be sure to communicate with the supplier, ask questions, check verified information. Being extra careful in sourcing your product may cost you time and money, but can turn risks to rewards.

How to Buy on with an Agent?

Using Alibaba Agent is an alternative way you can buy in Alibaba that is safe, and hassle-free than buying on your own. Alibaba Agent is a China Buying Agent and has vast experience in transacting business with China suppliers and with international shipping. Here’s how you buy on Alibaba with Alibaba Agent:

  • Go to and then copy the product link of your chosen product(s).
  • Sign up with Alibaba Agent at, and start your order.
  • Simply specify the product link(s), quantity, color, size or other specifications, shipping method and payment method. Alibaba Agent will do the rest of the work for you.


Because of the potential rewards, it is easy to see the reason why many small and medium enterprises would want to buy from overseas suppliers in You just need to be very careful; start with small purchases, then expand later after you have a list of suppliers that you trust. You may also avail the services of Alibaba Agent for safer and more convenient shopping with China Global Suppliers in to optimize your shopping experience.  This may entail additional cost but the rewards you can get are far greater. Happy Shopping!

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    1. _ Customer Service Team _
      1. Rajesh

        Hi I brought a home nursing bed from, it arrived in chennai on 07/07/2017,but I got the paperwork for the bed on 15/07/2017. When approached a agent to clear customs on 17/07/2017, he told me that there is a delay pickup penalty of 1800usd , if I am ready to pay then he will file the papers. Due to this I had to abandon the bed.can you please give me suggestion to buy these bed with any trouble

        1. _ Customer Service Team _
  1. Ashmita

    Is the use of alibaba app safe? It’s asking me to pay through my debit card only. Will it be safe for me me to make such a transaction from India?

    1. Abhishek Raman

      Hi, did you buy any product from Alibaba? If you did please help me with the procedures and payment methods.

    2. **Customer Service Team**
      **Customer Service Team**

      Dear Customer,

      We are buying agent in China. We are not affiliated with, and our business is independent of Alibaba.

      What we do, we purchase the products instead of customers , assemble them in our warehouse, and check specifications, in terms of size and color, and we also check quality through sensory evaluation. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the product as it can differ from one person to another. Then we re-pack your orders in a single package to reduce shipping cost.

      Check these links for other services which we can provide you with it

      this link will help you in doing your order

      Best Regards
      Alibaba Agent

    1. ...Customer Service Team...
      ...Customer Service Team...

      Dear customer,

      We already have a form for new order
      You can fill it with the links of products you want

      and this link can help you to make order easily

      What we do, we purchase the products, assemble them in our warehouse, and check. Then we re-pack your orders in a single package to reduce shipping cost. Once your package is ready, we ship it to you.

      Best Regards,
      Alibaba Agent.

  2. aisha bashir

    hello, this message is very helpful and i will like to thank you for that. plus i will like to know how much it will cost on an average to get an agent to help me purchase an oerder.
    thank you.

    1. _ Customer Service Team _
      _ Customer Service Team _

      Hello dear,

      You’re welcome. We will bill you twice for our service. First for buying the product & second for domestic and international shipping.

      First Bill consists of the Product Price + Our Service Fee.
      Our service fee is computed as 5% of Product Price for standard membership. 

      Second Bill is for local shipping and international shipping. Once we have confirmed your payment, we will ship your package according to your chosen shipping method.

      Local Shipping is based on seller’s price, to deliver your products to our warehouse

      For worry-free transaction, you can order with us and we handle the buying, checking, order consolidation and shipping for you, plus you get to enjoy more benefits:

      You can also contact us via live chat or whatsapp: +8618871488894

      Alibaba Agent

    1. **Customer Service Team**
  3. Renee

    Hello Alibaba Agent

    If someone orders a product through my online store can you provide me with a link to your sister store to send the product out? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. _ Customer Service Team _
      _ Customer Service Team _

      Hello dear,

      you’re welcome. For all ecommerce script, there is many functions to help you to automate your orders.
      but you should first does 3 orders manually to test for a while, understand our process and see what to expect.

      following link will guide you how to do your order with us :

      if you have more questions you can contact us via live chat or email : [email protected]

      Alibaba agent

  4. joshva jayaprakash

    hi I am a comman man from India
    I wish to start part time buisiness
    With alibaba, what is the procedures to buy products in alibaba from India!

  5. ...Customer Service Team...
    ...Customer Service Team...

    Dear customer,
    this link can help you to make order easily
    Choose items from
    Copy the complete product link
    Log-in to our website at Click New Order in top menu.
    Paste product link in the space provided. Specify quantity, size and color. Enter your preferred payment method, e.g. Paypal as in the example below, in Additional Information. Then, Click Submit and you’re done!
    What we do, we purchase the products, assemble them in our warehouse, and check. Then we re-pack your orders in a single package to reduce shipping cost. Once your package is ready, we ship it to you.

    Best Regards,
    Alibaba Agent.

  6. Anupam

    I have asked for free sample of leggings from a seller in Alibaba. They agrees for shipping to my address. Will I need to pay for any custom and delivery charge. If when? Is it safe to provide exact address of mine.?

  7. **Customer Service Team**
    **Customer Service Team**

    Dear Customer

    We are buying agent in China. We are not affiliated with, and our business is independent of Alibaba.
    For worry-free transaction, you can order with us and we handle the buying, checking, order consolidation and shipping for you, plus you get to enjoy more benefits:

    This link has all details about customs clearance :

    Buying through our website is trusted, Alibaba Agent. is owned and operated by Import Bridges Co. Limited.

    Import Bridges Co., Limited is a company established and legally registered in Hong Kong, with subsidiary in China.

    CR No.: 1505688
    Company Name: Import Bridges Co., Limited
    Company: Private company limited by shares
    Date of Incorporation: 2010 September 16

    You can check Import Bridges Co., Limited company registration through the Integrated Companies Registration Information System (ICRIS):

    Best Regards

  8. **Customer Service Team**

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